Tutorial on DE2 Kit Notes

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

In this post, I give some notices on the Alteras tutorials. This entry will be update depend on my knowledge and practice. In my labs, all of experiments adopt Quartus II Web Edition 2010.

1. The Quartus  is require a large storage, at least 3 GB for Quartus(QII) and 2.5 GB for Nios II(NII) ISE. QII is lack of components such as Assignment editor is really stupid and you can direct assign pin on it, instead you use Chip Planner to do.

2. Your project name should be  same to your name file, if not you could see a error message like this:

Pal: An error relating SOPC builder when you make avm_master_irq that is the builder unknown your setup IRQ is multi-interrupt or individual interrupt.  When it happen you will get a message : “interrupt scheme out of range” or  incorrectly configured interrupt master“. The solution can be found here



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