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In this series of Post, I intend to write down something I have learnt from this Site:

It’s suitable for beginer like me to survey all about aspect of Tivas.

The first thing I learnt is about how to install Keil C and driver Launch Pad on My PC.

All thing you can follow the guiding here:

For the moment, I use Win 7, and Keil-C ver 474 so you should follow this if you intend to obey my blog.


Now after you try to install all necessary stuff, now u need to test your kit and code. There are a lot of examle from there:

It also have in TexasWare and ValvonoWare.

One notice I would like to recommend that if you want to try run there example codes, you may be got some weird error like this from Keil C:

main.c(155): error: At end of source:  #5: cannot open source input file “.\main.crf”: Permission denied

I dont know why  but I have try to copy all project to new one then delete a file namely ExtDll.iex.

Thanks God, it done.

So this is the first Post on this topic.